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Sapphire Gray is an award-winning property expert and business coach, who has an extensive background in property investment and Renovations.  She has honed her capabilities as a property coach whiles building her own investment portfolio and buying and selling for great returns.

Sapphire has also been instrumental building her clients’ portfolios over 600 properties, offering turnkey property solutions and assisting in the financing of the property developments. Her ability to quickly find a solution to assist her client by creating a proven success path for them to follow makes for a stress-free property investment experience.

If you are looking for a handholding and fun experience while building your property business this year you’re in the right hands with Sapphire.

Trusted by event organisers to have shared the stage with.

Political Figure Heads, Celebrities, Business Executives

Mr Wilfred Emmanuel Jones– launched (The Black Farmer brand) Mr. Ken Livingstone (politician who served as the Leader of the Greater London Council (GLC) and Mayor of London) , Lord Gulam Noon (businessman and community activist) and Jacqueline Summers Gold CBE (British businesswoman who is Chief Executive of Gold Group International, Ann Summers and Knicker box.)


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Sapphire  know how tough it can be to get a business off the ground, especially if you’re also juggling the demands of family life and the need to keep money coming in. That’s why she is passionate about helping other women fulfil their business aspirations without compromising on other aspects of their lives.


“Thanks to Sapphire I am now in the process of setting up my property business something which for many years I have wanted to do. We have always wanted to own another property but was never sure how to go about. Although I had attended several property development seminars over the years. The courses were all tempting but the cost was always out of reach, so it stayed as a dream.

When I heard Sapphire on the Navigating Life Platform, I knew I had to take part in the course.

And I’m glad I took the plunge. It really has been a deep dive I had no idea there was so many avenues to the property business.

The course work is set out in Modules and the modules are in smaller chunks for which I’m grateful as I don’t feel overwhelmed by it all, plus Sapphire takes us through stage by stage, and I love that no question is too much. Sessions are recorded so if I have a gap in my notes, I can go to the video. As well as all the bonus information also get the chance to hear from other experts within the industry on their areas of expertise. I am loving the journey and would recommend the course to any lady out there wanting to start a property business. “

Charmaine Dawkins-Alder

“As a mentee with SWI Academy, working with Sapphire has been really encouraging.

She is her authentic self and shares her life experiences, both the peaks and valleys, when relevant.

She has introduced us to some amazing VIPs and I have connected and worked with a couple of them.

SWI Academy is very much like a sisterhood we celebrate each other’s wins and boost each other on to higher heights.”

Eva Abi

“SWIA has opened my eyes and mind to the industry of property. I was completely clueless regarding property and am finding myself learning new information daily. SWIA has created booklets for each strategy and a module handbook one can go and grow through. There’s a lot property information to take in so it’s really helpful having a step by step guide. Sapphire is ALWAYS willing to answer questions, even ones you may think are silly. She answers and encourages the group to ask which is always so encouraging. I’m grateful to be part of the SWIA Boss Ladies group as it continues to provide me with more insight and action to take in building my property business.”

Joyce Oyedele

I joined Savvy Women Investors Academy to learn the skills to be able to purchase a house for investment. 

Once purchasing a property, I then intend to build a property portfolio to increase my income to give myself and children a better lifestyle. Generational wealth is what i want to pass on to my children. 


There are many benefits. Sapphire listens to her students and acts upon suggestions. She is very approachable and is always a phone call away. The benefit of having an experienced property investor at your fingers is a great help. 


Sapphire said she would hold our hand through any process we chose, and she has stuck to her promise. She breaks concepts down into smaller parts in our groups and if there are still some students that do not understand she will speak to the specific student separately. 


My experience has been a good one. Sapphire is incredibly positive and goes the extra mile to help each and every student.”

Natalie Myers

N property ventures Ltd

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