I am just a girl with a dream…

Motivation & Potential

At the beginning of this incredible journey, Sapphire had nothing. She was not blessed with huge resources and buckets of money, but she still had the MOTIVATION to go out and get what she wanted. Sapphire had a huge dream and even more significant POTENTIAL, but she did not know how she would put her plan into motion. The only thing she was 100% certain about was the fact that, no matter what, she was going to figure it out and make this dream a reality.

As a single Mum, Sapphire wanted something that was going to give her family security while making her children proud of what they could achieve together. It is never easy, to be a single working mother, but if Sapphire could just reach out and make a dream a reality, life could be a bit more secure. Sapphire currently lives Kent and works both in Kent & London, England and Graduated with 3 degrees from The University of East London and London Guildhall despite being dyslexic. Sapphire is critically acclaimed as the “PROPERTY, PROFITS AND PENSION FOR WOMEN” Expert and Creator of “The Real Women” Movement, her expertise is regularly sought out by women business groups, women wanting to get build a property investment business, growth phase business, business hubs at universities, to consult or coach women how to build their pension through property. She has also been interviewed several times by local and international businesses, on her knowledge on how to help women to be successful in property investments and become financially Savvy.

Savvy women

In 2005 Sapphire founded what has now become “Savvy Women Group” and taken it from a local business to international status. Her clients regard her as the leading expert in this field.

She provides the skills to set up and maintain a profitable property business and offers Coaching and accredited courses that takes her clients, through a weekly programme, full of various resources, help sheets, online classes and mastermind groups, and more….

A major part of the programme is accountability in the form of a monthly progress report that she provides for her clients… She has a powerful system that works and creates positive results.

Sapphire has pushed for and supports women businesses, travelling to many international countries to lecture on WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP in today’s markets.

Sapphire wants to be able to teach women all about making the best decisions for themselves, Sapphire Says “if I can do that with Savvy Woman Group, my dream has just come true”.


Client Feedback

“Sapphire is an excellent coach. The course is well structured builds on our goals, provides excellent information and modules which support or growth.  It is easy to understand and Sapphire guides, supports and challenges us to move forward.  It is evident Sapphire is walking her talk and really cares about each person. All the above is important to someone who has limited experience in property.

There are a range of industry experts who share information to help us in our property journey.

I highly recommend the course and Sapphire as a coach”


“I have learnt a great deal since registering with Savvy Women Investors Academy. The SWIA training material is well thought through and easy to understand. Each of the module is clear, simple, and effective and they are filled with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Although the material is easy to understand, there were a few sections I found challenging, as I was forced to consider my priorities, my relationship with money as well as my long-term goals and why.

The course work is flexible, and it has enhanced my understanding so far, about the various ways that I can choose to invest in properties. Just by undertaking this programme, I feel more confident that I can achieve my long-term goal and aspirations in becoming a successful property developer, primarily offering a haven to victims fleeing violent situations and for refugees. I am hoping to launch my business Edwards Legacy Services or ELS for short using the Self-containment method or HMO before the end of this year, until then, I am working on sourcing properties to generate more income, but I will also include this as part of my business strategy.

The course is well structured, presented and time managed. You will definitely, positively be benefitted by embarking on this programme.”

Deborah Edwards

“I naively bought 2 BTLs 8 years ago. Oh I wish that I had the knowledge I had then that I have now! The course materials are first class, comprehensively working up from fundamentals such as goals and mindset and systematically working up to finance and business plans. I have learned so much! Sapphire presents this learning in such an intuitive and fun-filled way that it distracted me from realising how hard she expected to work (most of the time!).  I am looking forward to purchasing my first property to set up as an HMO, armed with the knowledge that she has provided and her ‘hands on’ support. Watch this space 🥳🎉💃🏾”


Savvy Speaker

Sharing Knowledge on Property Investments , Finance Education , Business, Personal Development & Work-life Balance, is what Sapphire is known for.

As an extrovert with a lot to say for herself, speaking in front of an audience comes naturally to her. Of course she get nervous, like anyone else, but Sapphire has developed her own personal tricks to work through it and allow her natural confidence to come to the fore.

Sapphire has been invited to share her experience and expertise in a wide range of public speaking engagements. Here are just a few examples of the topics she been hired to speak about:

  • Positive thinking and business (Barclays Bank)
  • Work-life balance (City Business Library)
  • Family and business (Hackney College)
  • Getting into the buy-to-let market (Cartel Group holdings plc)
  • Starting a business with no money (The Women’s Business Centre)
  • Being your authentic self (Rich Visions)
  • How to be a better leader (Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship)
  • Personal development plans for employment (NatWest Bank)
  • Sapphire has also been interviewed on the radio and have been invited to speak at several schools on the topic ‘Positive behaviour brings rewards’.
  • Sapphire is also available for talks, seminars or interviews on topics including…
  • Work-life balance
  • Personal development planning
  • Dyslexia and entrepreneurialism
  • Business planning and mapping
  • Tracking progress towards business goals

If you would like Sapphire to give a talk, seminar or interview on any topic related to her areas of expertise, please get in touch.