The boss lady who gets things done!



For Current & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Sapphire  know how tough it can be to get a business off the ground, especially if you’re also juggling the demands of family life and the need to keep money coming in. That’s why she is passionate about helping other women fulfil their business aspirations without compromising on other aspects of their lives.

Sapphire can help with mentoring or coaching , providing support and encouragement and sharing the benefit of her  experience and wealth of knowledge and connections. Sapphire can also help in a more practical way by providing financial advice and ideas and even helping you access the funding you need to make your idea fly.


Sapphire ability to use her given talent to make sure things for her clients gets done using shrewdness and practical knowledge; helping her clients to make good judgements in Personal and business situations which has allowed her clients to grow within their personal and business. Sapphire believes that every woman should be able to be more financially independent and not work off the bases of traditional methods that the husband is the only one to financial support the family.


When Sapphire is preparing to give an inspirational talk or even workshop, she is always prepared to inspire the un-inspired by way of building women confidence and giving praise for the milestones they can achieve. Sapphire wants to empower every woman to have an understand of how finance and investments work, so that has a positive impact on their family and personal life. Sapphire has over 100’s inspired testimonials from Clients and Event organisations which goes to show the impact she leaves when she teaches and speaks.



Being very resourceful Sapphire can find the solution to any problem which intern builds positive results. She strongly believe that the education system lets down young people when it comes to educating them in regard to how money is used, young people do not have a clue what making money/saving actually means thus when they become adults they are irresponsible with their spending which intern could have an impact on their credit rating leaving them in the dark when it comes to getting credit, for buying their home or any other investments.


Fundamentally Sapphire brings