Savvy Success Method Coaching

Sapphire Offers the ultimate 7 step success path, Helping Busy Professional Women become more financially independent, by EMPOWERING them to build ADDITIONAL REVENUE via investing in property, which allows them to have control of their financial future, by following a simple step process with 1:1 COACHING sessions and workbook modules they complete.

So, if you’re Newbie property investor, but you aren’t getting STRATEGY that you would like to focus on, or you’re seasoned PROPERTY INVESTOR that isn’t improving on your FINANCIAL RESULTS, stay with me because you’re going to discover why women property investors like you and me can get more TIME AND FREEDOM and why it’s critical you get the investment processes handled right now.

SWG Courses


Sapphire has created the Pick N Mix to help different women get a taste of investing in property these AQA accredited courses, see women building their property knowledge in small chucks and gain a qualification, in these easy-to-follow courses.


This Academy will help you finally tame your fears and take action to invest with a proven strategy.  Moving you Forward with Confidence to successful investing, learn where to secure the finances, and how to make all of this happen with the little time that you have available.

This membership will clear up all of your confusion and prepare you to take the first step and start investing in property. 

Client Feedback

“I was extremely pleased” with the trainer/Property the consultant provided by SWG. Sapphire brought the optimal mix of SWG knowledge, real-world experience. She asked the right probing questions and really listened to our answers to ensure that she was meeting our needs.”


CEO, In2Equity Limited

“Savvy Women Group is doing a great job of meeting the needs of the community in their different locations. There is no better place to do business be it web design, social media marketing, Life coaching, Leadership and development, Business and career coaching, and a lot more. Dealing with them even the very first time convinces you that there is no better place to be than getting all your services from this awesome group that are so vast and knowledgeable in all that they do and offer to the public. Coupled with that, is the satisfaction of dealing with people with strong passion and empathy giving you that sense of fulfilment that makes you want to go back again and again. What makes Savvy Women Group tick? The Leadership and her awesome team.”


M.Sc Environmental Entrepreneurship Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering University of Strathclyde

“Savvy Women Group Ltd helped give me the guidance when first starting my own business within the beauty industry. The most fundamental part of making my business successful was following the advice to set goals on a weekly basis. This included tasks and finances to accomplish no matter how small. Through following this method, it has allowed me to achieve & earn a consistent wage rather than each week being hit & miss! Sapphire is driven to succeed and that energy & determination overflows onto others…..”


FOUNDER, Holistic Therapist